we are just cogs in a bigger machine
our role unknown
our purpose a mystery
and yet we live…

be enough
for yourself first
the rest of the world can wait

The library of chaos

A library of my dreams, my thoughts, my wishes and my nightmares. A place where I can free my mind of the chaos of the living and the peace of the dead. Where I shall reveal all the had plagued my mind in the countless hours of the night.

Posts of interest

If you stay positive in a negative situation,
you win.



For the eyes that filled with a thousand sorrows, For the mouth that cried a thousand songs, For the hands that took a thousand lives, For the mind that suffered a thousand tortures, For the legs that walked a thousand miles, For the heart that lost a thousand dreams, For the lips that kissed aContinue reading “For…”


Maybe it was the rain. The clouds, the wind, the biting weather. She was in a continuous curious melancholy. The piano sang ancient words, long left unspoken. A small statue of a praying angel. A small candle, a peaceful expression. It sat on its knees like it was exactly where it was supposed to be.Continue reading “Grief”

oh, darling

you think you can tell me what to do?what i am?you think you know me at all?oh, darling,you’ve only seen me alive.you have yet to see my death.

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