Perception. Everything is about perception. Our perceptions build the realities we live in. Be it good or bad, we tend to be a bit blind to what is happening in our lives. Why? Perception.

Credit : Jeremy Lishner

During our lives, we, as humans, experience all kind of moments. Normal ones, like breakfast, beautiful ones, like the first kiss with that person that makes butterflies dance in your belly, sad ones, like the death of a beloved pet, and what some people call traumatizing ones, like an abusive spouse. We, as the main characters of our lives, often don’t realize what is actually happening around us. It’s not our fault. We are only humans, fragile, breakable humans. And we can get hurt, like all living beings can. It is often, however, that we don’t realize we are hurt. Mentally, that is.

It’s a bit funny how we can twist things. We take what is real and paint over it and over ourselves until all we can see is the empty happiness of “nothing’s wrong”. And when someone comes and erases all that fake stuff that we hold on like the crazy idiots that we all are, we often respond in violent denial. “How can this be? No. You’re wrong. Leave and take your lies with you!” Isn’t it funny? How completely blind we can all be?

That is why the truth is often as describes as the “painful” one. Who wants the truth that shatters our whole world, when we can keep the lies that we tell ourselves and keep living in that bubble of comfort? Only a madman would want that. But isn’t it better, when we accept the truth, work on moving on from it and learning from our mistakes and then live a truly happy life?

You know what they say : better to rip off the band-aid fast, then prolong the suffering.