we are just cogs in a bigger machine
our role unknown
our purpose a mystery
and yet we live…

be enough
for yourself first
the rest of the world can wait

The library of chaos

A library of my dreams, my thoughts, my wishes and my nightmares. A place where I can free my mind of the chaos of the living and the peace of the dead. Where I shall reveal all the had plagued my mind in the countless hours of the night.

Posts of interest

If you stay positive in a negative situation,
you win.



Maybe it was the rain. The clouds, the wind, the biting weather. She was in a continuous curious melancholy. The piano sang ancient words, long left unspoken. A small statue of a praying angel. A small candle, a peaceful expression. It sat on its knees like it was exactly where it was supposed to be.Continue reading “Grief”

oh, darling

you think you can tell me what to do?what i am?you think you know me at all?oh, darling,you’ve only seen me alive.you have yet to see my death.


We are humans. We love, we laugh, we cry, we hate. We hope. We despair.We learn andwe forget.And in the endWe liveAnd we die. The most important thing in life is why we live. What is our desire. Our calling. That one thing we would move mountains for. Love? Family? Revenge? I don’t believe weContinue reading “Desolation”

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